Our ready services in Market Research are listed below

1.On Line & Offline Data Punching
Base2sky at team is capable of giving our services in online and offline data punching and sends the data on time with Accuracy.

2.Open End Coding
Base2sky also doing the open end coding using industry standard tools / custom tools.

3.Data Cleaning
Base2sky have a specialist for data cleaning. They have a good experience in market research Industries.

4.Quality Check
Base2sky believes that quality is the back bone of service delivery process and that is why we have a set up experts working as a team to see that anything and everything is going through the proper quality check.

5.Data Tabulation
Base2sky have a good experience in data tabulation in Quantum. They have a specialist in data tabulation. They have strong logic and good experience in market research.

Our ready Software Services are listed below

1.Call Accounting Software
Helps in monitoring telephone cost of organization, misuse of telephones and helps the management in having complete analysis of telephone calls and telephone billing from the organization.

2.PC Console
With this Console Assistant - receptionists and group attendants can easily manage incoming calls and outgoing calls to a main company number or group members through their On-screen line status indicators and a variety of enhanced features.

3.Logical Partitioning
TRAI Guidelines Unlawful to connect and make a conference call between external call to PBX and from PBX to a VOIP line through Panasonic PBX.

4.Hotel Management Software
This is standard Hotel Application software with features of Room booking, Room Status, Billing, Restaurant Module, Bar Module, integration with Call accounting etc. The software will provide all basic functioning of hotel management software.

5.Call Recording Software
Call Logger software is designed to record the calls in an organization where there is a need of call recording.

6.Voice Mail Solution
When an incoming call is not answered by an extension, Caller can pass the message to the concerned person through his/her voice. If call is not answered at extension the call is forwarded to the voice mail system.

7.Interactive Voice Responding System (IVR)
Interactive Voice Response is just one form of Computer Telephony (CT) that is becoming commonplace in automating the handling of telephone calls. Using IVR system customer can collect the required information from database without the help of a human intervention.

8.Audio Conference Bridge
Audio Conference Bridge solution will help to arrange scheduled multi party conference for the corporate / Government clients.

9.Dialer Solutions
Dialer is a technology that automatically dials out contacts from a database on behalf of Agents. They are essential in an outbound Call Center, to increase the efficiency of Agents.

10.Call Center Solution
Call Center Solution include inbound or outbound or blended as per the customer requirement. Call center solution can be provided by integrating with PBX or Server based (without PBX). System will have the facility of ACD, Agent Popup, Reporting Module, Recording module, Supervisor module, Administrator module etc.

11.Fax Server
When a user wants to fax a document from their PC they can send it to an email message to a FAX address and adding information as the number onto which the fax has to be sent, and then attaching the document to be faxed.

12.SMS Solution
SMS Application is used for sending Bulk SMS or alerts to customers. This application is mainly using for Marketing, Auto alert & Auto Enquiry. For marketing Bulk SMS can be send through our application.

13.Unified Messaging Solution
This solution is integration of Voice, AX, Email & SMS. User can access any of these messages, anywhere, anytime from any terminal of your choice. This will help to speed up the communication to achieve time and cost saving with in a corporate.

This is latest generation IP-PBX , with the facility of Soft Console, Voice mail, Voice Recording, Call Accounting. Complete call center application can easily configure in this system. The system contains all advanced features of IP PBX.

15.Auto Appointment Reminder
Appointment Reminder is an automated appointment scheduling and reminder system. When a reminder call is made, system allows customer to confirm, reschedule or leave a message.

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